A Thorough Checkup…

Each one of our cars goes through a thorough checkup. You can be absolutely sure that every vehicle is checked and tested with the utmost care and thoroughness. Each car has to pass a thorough sequence of tests in order to be appraised.

If repairs are necessary, any defects are remedied and replaced with branded spare parts. Only after the vehicle has passed all parts of the appraisal, will we offer you the car for purchase.

You can be assured that we put in a lot more work than other vehicle suppliers. We do this in order to ascertain that you will enjoy your newly acquired vehicle even more, and above all, for a much longer period of time.

As a member of the BVFK we stand for respectable and formidable trade with used vehicles.

More informations:

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Fax +49 7071-9798-125
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